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There are many types of boiler stoves that can run up to 10 radiators. However, this is not for everyone as these types of stoves need to be constantly fed.

No, sorry. Current HETAS regulations state that I cannot fit second hand stoves. However, we can repair, re-furbish and re-install existing stoves if they are up to standard.

A good quality stove will cost you between £500 - £1500 plus installation. A standard install where no work is required to the fireplace and you have an existing flue may cost around £1000. Building work to the fireplace eg. opening it up etc. and no existing chimney/flue will raise the cost accordingly.

There many different types of wood suppliers, a quick search on the internet will find you local ones. Costs can vary a lot. Using a moisture meter, just make sure the moisture content is 20% or lower. Failing that, buying kiln dried wood from a local supplier will guarantee it is ready to burn.

There are many places providing many different types of fuel. I can advise you on the ones I know about, though you might like to try out different suppliers and fuels.

Yes, it's surprisingly easy to have a self contained chimney flue fitted.

During my initial survey, I can advise you on the different types of stove, their features, their heat output and different makes and models available. In the end though, it is entirely up to your own personal preference as I am not affiliated to any manufacturers and I don't receive any commission from them.

Yes. Through the use of a Thermal Store you can have many different types of heating all working together. Solar when it's sunny, the stove when it's in use and a gas or oil as a back up. You can even add ground source heating or heat recovery systems.

By all means, and I can come and fit it for you...but. I feel that using local showrooms makes far more economical and environmental sense. You get what you pay for and I for one would always want to physically see and touch what I'm buying, especially with such an investment for my home. You will also have a point of sale to return to if there are any problems with the order.

All stoves need to have a data plate fitted that state the Make and Model, Efficiency in percentage, kilowattage and should be stamped with EN 13240.

“One year on and we are finally enjoying the stove! Looks great and all working well. Thanks again for a great job!”

Ian & Lesley - St. Ives